What to expect for ladies

We want to empower women through fitness, strength and self defense!

Ladies this is not a place we want you to be scared to come into and hard to make that first step coming in. We are here to help women like yourself better prepare themselves incase that time comes when evil comes knocking at the door. From situational awareness and being able to avoid and prevent these unthinkable events, we are going to equip you with technique, strength and aggression to prevent being a victim. 

If you have unfortunately already fallen victim to any of these evil acts, we want to work with you and rebuild the confidence and freedom that has been robbed from you. you will not be the first and unfortunately not the last. Flash backs, anxiety, fear, embarrassment are all things we have already seen as a result, and we can help you through that and tear those barriers down!


Oakwood Business Complex

3350 w 250 n

West Lafayette, IN 47909

last garage bay on the left

Fitness Garage Indy

1051 Summit Drive
Carmel, IN 46032

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