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Indiana State Director


PHONE: (717)-723-0667

Rob is a Certified IKMF civilian instructor, Kids instructor, law enforcement instructor and also completed the women's only curriculum and the state director for Indiana, and currently holds the rank of graduate level 4. Rob went to the Israel to learn from the source for his G3 rank. he trained with many of the Global Instructing team (GIT). Rob spent 4 years in the Marine Corps where he went on 3 combat deployments to Afghanistan with 2nd battalion 9th marines, filling different leadership roles. While in the Marine Corps he earned his brown belt in the Marine Corps martial arts program. After the Marine Corps, Rob took up boxing and got involved with Krav Maga and joined the IKMF family.  Being a father and family man he knows the importance of always keeping family safe, so come in and learn from a like minded instructor. 

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